Stems and Branches Herbal Pharmacy

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the two primary treatment modalities of Chinese medicine. It is a literate system of treatment that can address internal complaints with customized formulas, as is the professional standard in Chinese medicine.

We manage the largest Chinese herbal pharmacy in South Jersey, operating out of our facility in Marlton, NJ. Stems and Branches Herbal Pharmacy is fully stocked with granular and raw herb pharmacies each containing more than 250 different herbs.

Our herbal pharmacy is available to licensed practitioners to place orders for patients. Call us at 856-751-3444 to learn more about ordering.

Individuals interested in Chinese herbal medicine should call the office to set up a live or virtual intake appointment.

For easy-to-understand information about Chinese herbs and treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, we suggest you follow Stems & Branches Herbal Pharmacy on Instagram at @stems.and.branches.