About the Flu

I have been receiving questions about my feelings on the flu and vaccinations for several weeks now. I am happy to give a more detailed response in person to anyone who asks me. The important thing to say here is that we all have an immune system that works, if we give it half a chance. If we get sick, we get sick for a reason. All of our focus that goes into worrying about this strain or that strain of bacteria or virus, would be better used taking care of ourselves. Getting sick is a sign that you need to slow down and rest. It is a chance for your body to clean out and regenerate. What are we doing loading our systems up with all kinds of chemicals designed to stop this process, and what is the consequence going to be of a society where no one ever stops for anything? Not to cook, not to eat, not to be sick, not to heal, not to pay attention. I only offer this advice – don’t get your medical education from newspapers and television. Do some research, and not just on the sites that are the internet equivalents of television and newspapers. Dig and investigate a little, and you will find other information that at least gives you a different perspective.