Chinese Herbal Medicine for Highly Sensitive People

By Robert Keller | August 4, 2022
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Herbal treatment is one of the primary therapeutic modalities of Chinese medicine, yet many people do not receive it out of concern for tolerance, interaction, or reaction. This article addresses the issue of safely utilizing Chinese herbal medicine for highly sensitive people. (I have previously written about the subject of discomfort with acupuncture treatment.) There […]

Green Bird – Chinese Herbal formula for Balancing the Liver

By Robert Keller | February 1, 2022
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To balance the organ systems at the changes of season, I have developed a series of herbal formulas to administer to my patients. At the time of the Chinese/lunar new year, during the seasonal node of Spring Begins, I am recommending to patients that they utilize the formula for spring / wood-element / Liver-Gall Bladder […]

Bulk Herbs, Pills, Powders, “Teas” (On Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas)

By Robert Keller | November 2, 2021
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In addition to being a licensed acupuncturist, I am also an herbalist. Often patients leave my office with a Chinese herbal formula meant to treat their pain or illness. Some patients receive only acupuncture; some receive only herbs. In many cases, the combination of both can offer quicker and more effective results, as herbs and […]

I Don’t Like Tea. Is There Another Way to Take Chinese Herbs?

By Robert Keller | October 18, 2021
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I have written previously about Chinese herbal decoctions and granules. This brief article addresses the broader issue of alternatives to consuming herbs in the form of tea. For people who do not like to drink tea, Chinese medicine offers alternatives. The most common of these are encapsulated granules and pills. These formulas can be dissolved […]

Chinese Antiviral Herbs in the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

By Robert Keller | January 26, 2021
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With a vaccine now available for COVID-19 (this article is being published in January 2021), patients have been inquiring again about recommendations for prevention of the disease as they are uncertain as to what direction to follow. For the past year I have been dispensing variations of a formula I named Blue Heron, after the […]

The Similarity of Herbs

By Robert Keller | April 23, 2020
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There is a branch of Chinese herbology referred to as “dui yao”, which has to do with the combining of herbs. Part of this topic includes herbs which have complementary, or synergistic, functions. I remember learning a long time ago, that once you understood herbal medicine you could come across an herb or a plant […]